thanks theflowerwolf and mykehunt for visiting me yesterday. I was feeling really shitty.

a faceup i did on a friend’s doll

a faceup i did on a friend’s doll


joan rivers is a crusty racist old white who has made fun of domestic abuse and who said that the Palestinians deserve to be wiped out. i am not about to feel sorry for her just because satan is calling her home. let her gag 

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eyebrow progress

eyebrow progress

how to deal with your kid being trans


1. buy them new clothes and other accessories to make them feel more comfortable
2. slam dunk the old clothes into the nearest donation center where they belong
3. respect your child’s identity and use whatever name and pronouns they want you to use

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theflowerwolf ok this is the last thing tho i dont care about being right i just think its important to know



Drinking Game: take a shot every time someone uses the term “raven hair” in a Danny Phantom fanfic


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writing “sorry” at the bottom of your math test

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

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